Destination Coventry
Destination Coventry


Destination Coventry is a two-year proof-of-concept collaboration between Coventry City Council and Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce. Our Oversight Board includes representatives from the Council, the Chamber, the City of Culture Trust, the Business Improvement District, Visit England and the private sector.

We represent the city’s valuable tourism, leisure and hospitality sector, which generates¹ almost £600 million, supports circa 7,000 jobs, and attracts over 10 million visitors annually.

Working closely with sector members, local and national partners and the broader industry, we are committed to the successful and sustainable development of tourism, leisure and hospitality in Coventry and the wider region.

¹ STEAM 2019

Working For You

Our friendly, professional and knowledgeable team works tirelessly to introduce you to the world and bring the world to you!

We are Destination Coventry:

  • Paul


    Paul is Managing Director of Destination Coventry, and our launch in 2021 saw the culmination of months of passion and hard work to get us to where we are today.

    He’s incredibly proud of the team and the work we do to support our members and grow Coventry’s visitor economy for the benefit of the city – its residents, businesses, students and visitors alike.

    Whilst he’s a proud Brummie, Paul has lived and worked in Coventry for longer than he ever did in Birmingham, moving here in the 1990s when he met his wife, Lisa.

  • Claire


    Claire is the dedicated Senior Destination Manager at Destination Coventry, entrusted with overseeing the dynamic world of leisure and business tourism. With a wealth of experience in tourism and inward investment, Claire brings years of expertise to support and enhance our region’s booming visitor economy.

    Claire also manages the operations of our Visitor Information provision, ensuring that travellers and tourists receive top-notch guidance and a warm welcome as they explore the vibrant city of Coventry.

    When she’s not shaping the future of tourism in Coventry and Warwickshire, Claire loves nothing more than taking long walks with her beloved canine companion, Jessie.

  • Colleen


    Colleen serves as Business Development Manager at Destination Coventry, where her primary focus is on nurturing relationships with tourism, hospitality, and supplier businesses across the region.

    With a tireless dedication to her role, Colleen diligently collaborates with these businesses to ensure they make the most of their Destination Coventry membership services. Her strategic approach aligns their individual requirements with overarching business objectives, facilitating their growth and success.

    In her spare time, Colleen enjoys unwinding with a good box set or relaxing in her garden hot tub with a cold glass of prosecco, all under the mesmerizing night sky.


  • Zoë


    Zoe plays a crucial role in bolstering the visitor economy of Coventry and Warwickshire by collaborating closely with event bookers from around the globe.

    With a wealth of experience in the world of events, Zoe plays a pivotal part in managing the Coventry and Warwickshire Convention Bureau, assisting business visitors with their event bookings and enquiries.

    When Zoe isn’t busy transforming your business events into memorable experiences, she is also known to appreciate the finer things in life, sipping on a well-deserved glass of gin when the opportunity arises. And, of course, as an avid rugby enthusiast, cheering on her favourite teams at the weekend.

  • Stevie


    A proud Coventrian, with over a decade of experience in tourism, Stevie heads up the marketing team at Destination Coventry, leveraging digital and traditional marketing channels to effectively showcase Coventry as an exceptional place to visit.

    Through strategic planning, collaborative working and innovative promotional initiatives, her team has successfully positioned Coventry as a must-visit location, enticing visitors to explore its hidden gems and rich history.

    As a busy Mum to three boys, when she’s finally allowed time to relax, Stevie loves nothing more than binging Schitt’s Creek re-runs, accompanied by an extremely large jar of Nutella.

  • Abbie


    Abbie is a vibrant driving force within our marketing team at Destination Coventry. With a personality as effervescent as her ideas, she infuses our marketing strategies with life, transforming concepts into captivating realities.

    Abbie’s has been a pivotal member of the Destination Coventry team for more than three years, during which she has forged great relationships with our members across the region. Her dedication to showcasing their businesses and assisting them in achieving their individual marketing objectives is truly commendable.

    When she’s not orchestrating marketing marvels, Abbie finds solace in the company of a good book, often curled up with her loyal feline friend, Mog.

  • Dan


    Dan’s journey with us has been nothing short of remarkable, having transformed from a budding apprentice into a pivotal force in our marketing endeavours.

    As ‘Information and Digital Marketing Officer’ at Destination Coventry, Dan owns a profound understanding of digital technologies and a keen eye for social media; combining his education and digital prowess to craft strategies that not only captivate, but also drive results.

    Although his professional endeavours are dedicated to Coventry and Warwickshire, it might come as a surprise that Dan remains an unwavering fan of Birmingham City Football Club, much to the disappointment of some in our midst.