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Warwick Conferences: How Destination Coventry helps us to deliver our business strategy

In a new regular stream of content, we will be shining the spotlight on our members and the benefits they have received since joining Destination Coventry.

Warwick Conferences joined Destination Coventry when we first launched our membership programme and became a Patron member in October 2023.

Gail Tomlinson-Short, Head of Business Development at Warwick Conferences, discusses below how the organisation has utilised the relationship to deliver its business strategy.

Gail Tomlinson-Short

Supporting our business strategy

The top line is that Destination Coventry is helping us to deliver our business strategy, both in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

We sat down with the team to outline our strategic approach after becoming a Patron member and they have since helped us to deliver that approach – whether that is through introductions, attendance at international trade shows or support on marketing materials.

For instance, we are targeting more association business and in particular more international association business.

Through the association with Destination Coventry, I have been able to represent Warwick Conferences at IBTM World in Barcelona.

This has been as part of the Coventry and Warwickshire delegation on the Meet England stand, alongside Claire England from Destination Coventry. Being part of a collaboration like that is always going to be a stronger position than attending on our own as a venue.

If someone is seeking to bring their events to the UK, I can talk about what we can offer at Warwick Conferences and across the University of Warwick, and then Claire can highlight the Coventry wrap-around proposition, for example arranging a dinner at Coventry Cathedral or creating a personal arrival experience at Birmingham Airport.

Creating an attractive proposition and narrative is the only way to bring international business to the region.

Destination Coventry helps us to build that narrative and achieve our international association business goals.

That is only the B2B market, Destination Coventry is also helping us to widen our audiences and the shop window for consumers too.

The Coventry and Warwickshire delegation at The Meeting Show 2024
Warwick Conferences joined Conference Coventry and Warwickshire at The Meetings Show

Working in partnership

Destination Coventry helps me to get in front of the right people to deliver on our business strategy.

It is an incredibly collaborative organisation and there are always opportunities to link up with other members, which was exemplified by the recent attendance at Sport Accord.

Destination Coventry plays a significant role in bringing everyone together and complementing each other’s offers. For example, if an event is happening elsewhere in the city, they are able to signpost how Warwick Conferences can support with accommodation.

Ultimately, we know that different venues across the region are better suited for certain events and activities, so it’s a case of using that collective strength to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience and service in Coventry and Warwickshire.

SportInCoventry at SportAccord
Warwick Conferences at SportAccord with SportInCoventry

Putting Coventry and Warwickshire on the map

The work that Destination Coventry is doing alongside its members is putting the region on the map – and we are proud to be doing our part at Warwick Conferences to support that.

It’s all about highlighting exactly what makes this region great and why we have a stronger proposition than other areas of the UK.

We actually discovered that it is a third cheaper to host an event here than in London, that’s incredible, and something that we need to weave into the narrative.

That’s the next stage for our work with Destination Coventry, honing our regional narrative alongside other partners, identifying what the region’s point of difference is.

Asking the question: Why should people bring their events to Coventry and Warwickshire?

SportAccord was a prime example of that. The more we can talk and share our experiences of what clients are looking for, it will help shape our proposition to bring new business to Warwick Conferences and the wider destination.

We’re proud to be members of Destination Coventry and we look forward to continue to achieve our strategic goals with the support of the team.